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M. Noeth

Dedication to Michael A. Noeth, US Navy DM2

Never was someone as special to me as my friend Michael Noeth We lived and shared a dorm room together at F.I.T. He was the president of the craft center at F.I.T. so he let me create my art work along side him and set up a small studio in the craft center.

It was this encounter with Michael that caused me to become more serious and focused and to follow my passion for art and become an artist. Michael was one of the first people that believed in my talent. Michael would sneak me into the illustration classes at night so I could develop my portfolio. It was through these extra classes that I was awarded a scholarship to the Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

At that time when I first knew Michael I was headed down a bad path. I had a strange hair cut and hung out in dark clubs. He taught me that rather than looking severe that I could spend that energy on focusing on the gifts God has given me through my art.

Michael valued all religions, and people. He was one of the first people that really valued me as a person. He gave me a chance when all other friends at F.I.T. turned away because of a foolish thing I said, and a confused belief system. Through that life changing experience, I learned to start to value myself and I also learned to value others as well as all religions. This is why the loss is so hard for me and painful.

I create artwork for the Homeless veteran’s in his memory and also because I come from a family with three Navy Veterans. This is my way of serving those men and women who served us.

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